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Legal Counsel You Can Rely on in Boise During Contract Development and Negotiation

We oversee your real estate negotiations and answer questions about Idaho real estate law

When you are in the process of negotiating a contract, it is vital that you thoroughly understand the terms of your agreement, how those terms affect you long-term, and how the contract may be interpreted by a court in the event of a dispute. Having a lawyer review your documents before signing can save you time, bring peace of mind and potentially save you from hassle later on. The attorneys of Neal Colborn PLLC offer seasoned advice to protect your interests. We assist in preparing and reviewing all contract documents.

Our attorneys understand the lengthy and often complicated process of real estate and contract negotiation

Contract negotiations can be difficult, complicated and lengthy, and each step of the process requires comprehensive legal advice. Because our law firm focuses exclusively on real estate and property law, we have the resources and experience to assist you each step of the way. We help with:

  • Evaluating the property
  • Negotiating the right deal structure
  • Expediting the closing process

Working with attorneys who know the real estate process ensures that your contract thoroughly protects your interests. Before you sign a contract, speak to one of our attorneys. Our experience can provide invaluable insight and assistance when you need it most.

A skilled real estate lawyer gives you the edge in negotiating the terms of your real estate contracts

At Neal Colborn PLLC we apply our knowledge of existing legal precedent to draft or strengthen your real estate document, whether it is a purchase agreement, easement, CC&R or lease. In the event that a contract dispute occurs down the road and litigation becomes necessary, we provide fierce courtroom representation to protect your rights.

Our law firm assists with forming your trust or limited liability company

For some individuals and businesses, it may make financial sense to form a trust or a limited liability company for use in a  real estate purchase or lease. Our attorneys can provide sound counsel to help you determine whether or not forming a separate entity makes sense for you, and we have the experience and knowledge to draft the appropriate documents to properly form those entities.

Contact attorneys who can advise you on contract negotiations and LLCs

At Neal Colborn PLLC, we have built a network of contacts all over Idaho and the Pacific Northwest to assist businesses with their legal needs. Email us or call us at 208.994.3276 today to schedule your consultation. We are available during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.